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St Francis Braintree

Year 6

Year 6 Residential to the Isle of Wight 2019 BLOG

Monday 1st July

We have had a great first day with lots of fun along the way! The journey was good including the ferry crossing to the island. The children soon settled into their rooms and enjoyed a great tea - tomato soup, turkey roast dinner and a special ice-cream dessert. We then walked down to the beach front and had a few circuits on the Karting. The crazy golf is now dinosaur themed (a big improvement on the previous years to all you big brothers and sisters who remember it!) So they all had a fantastic time - not so many holes-in-one but some decent overall scores!

A good first day and they are all now preparing for bed and sleep!!!!






















 Tuesday 2nd July 

We have had another busy day. The children had a great breakfast which set them up well for the trip across the island to Fort Victoria. Once there we had a woodland walk to try to spot the native red squirrels and learn about the local flora and fauna and then onto the beach to look for shark's teeth. We then went to the Planetarium which was interesting. 

Alum Bay was next with a boat trip to the Needles - the sea was a beautiful blue and very calm. The children then watched a demo of glass making and also sweet making. 
Everyone is healthy and well and having a great time. We just had tea (sausages and mash) and soon off to the theatre for a fun-filled show! 

 Wednesday 3rd July

Lots of good fun today - after a little work for the very strict Mrs Pilkington - the head Housekeeper in Victorian Osborne House. The children all wore an apron and were transported back to Victorian life (below stairs) where they had very clear instructions from Mrs Pilkington on setting a table, polishing boots, making a bed and weighing out foods. They all enjoyed this and asked lots of sensible questions. 
We then toured the house and some of the grounds before enjoying the shopping!

Then back to Shanklin and struggling into a wet-suits. The instructors were great fun and everyone enjoyed the large surf boards and games played in the sea. A short walk back along the front and the children were ready for another good dinner. 

They have all got into their party clothes now and having a dance in the hotel or sitting in the garden together. Another wonderful day and I'm sure they will be fast asleep when it's lights out at 10pm. "Yes Mrs Pilkington."